Automatic Cat Litter Boxes: For the ones who care too much

Now if there’s anything that an honorable Catdad or any Cat owner would not have done is training their Catelet to ring the bell when it comes. And the times when cleaning it off becomes messy and unhygienic you need something that automates the cat littering part; an Automatic Cat Litter Box. But how to know which one’s the most perfect to know keep it nurturing as well as hygienic, that’s keep it odorless and appeal to the creature’s physical tenderness and which one is it that might not bleed you with maintenance and refill costs. Don’t worry we have the picks for you after checking out all that the market has to provide and here we are with the top 5 picks for the best Cat Litter Boxes.

So let’s just take a look at the picks and not deny the beautiful pet of yours a safe and clean time.

Nature’s Miracle Multi-Cat Cleaning Litter Box

Suppose you have more than one cat, we mean who couldn’t fall for these lovely creatures or if your cat’s got her own little ones; what do you do? How do you clean their feces all around the house? The answer’s, you don’t do it; you let the Multi-Cat Litter box do it. It can house upto 4 small sized cats and 3 medium sized ones. Needs to be emptied only once in week if you have only one cat who’s larger in size and needs more space or you might clean it on every 3rd day interval. The litter is made up of mixed carbon filters so it keeps the odor away and is anti-microbial at the same time. Provides you one year warranty and does not comes with a lot of tangle in terms of equipment. Just opt for these for the ease of mind and to manage the whole school of your cats.

Litter Maid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Sophisticated device for accommodating multiple cycles of cats using the litter box. Little Maid is a brand dedicated for the ease of usage. There’s a canvas bed for the device which makes the cat feel comfy, the LM980 model comes with a larger area facing up top making it a more natural feeling for the cat and the device is very portable, weighs just 12lbs. The worst part about using an Automatic Cat Litter Box is the need to keep buying new litter bags and disposal bags along with other accessories and with LM980 this is resolved.The sealable/disposable receptacles are spacey enough to accomodate for a week’s load for a single cat. The perfect shifting mechanism makes the device use the least Litter per cycle among all the competitors.

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

The one thing that rattles cats the most is noise, unexpected volume outburst from anywhere. There’s a common problem with some Automatic Litter boxes out there, that they’re too noisy and as a result are not that rugged for long term usage. Smart Scoop does the job in this case because it’s so quiet in operation that perhaps it’s one of the most silent Automatic Kitty Litter Boxes around. A very powerful motor unit and economic design of litter usage makes this a very cost effective solution. Trays, Crystal Litter and Receptacles all come for least cost among all competitors and do not require that shorter cycle of interchangeability.

Pet Safe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box

This one’s the actual Automatic Cat Litter Box, you don’t ever need to touch the device at any point of time, except for disposing of the trash box. The device constantly operates 24*7 by using a very less power-quite motor which rotates and sifts the litter and provides your furry one a fresh litter box every time. The box compared to its market copies is very large in size, very comfortable to use for the cat and also wastes almost negligible amount of litter because there’s no scooping involved in the process.Extremely easy to set-up and the best in class warranty (found after using the product personally). It’s just like that one card in the hole that helps you win over all the hands on deck.

CatGenie 120 Self Washing Self-Flushing Automatic Cat Litter Box

Here’s the top pick for the best Automatic cat Litter Box. This is probably the only one in the market that’s not only self cleaning but self-flushing as well. The litters are non solvable and treated with odorless chemicals. Needs to be connected with Water Line and then it flushes after a pre-set interval when the cat’s done with her business. The timer is also adjustable and it also comes with a child lock. You literally do not need to clean the device for a long period and there’s no need to manage the disposal in bags or boxes, its directly flushed into your toilet pots or wash basin outlet. Very functional, easy to use with maximum features provided in market and a long lasting trust of satisfied customers.


Cats are simple creatures of love and passion, there needs do not limit to physical pursuits; there’s an emotional factor that needs to be catered with them. As much as we’d love them to death we need to nurture them with our best efforts, and keeping an out for their hygiene with an Automatic Cat Litter Box is surely a way to keep your hands off the mess and do the job.

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