Best Dog Nail Clippers: Top-5 Tools for Canine Nail Care

Every pet owner knows that cutting dog nails may be challenging. Some beginners may consider trimming dog’s nails not a very important thing, but it actually is. This process makes your furry friend look better and, what is essential, it helps prevent a painful nail breakage that threatens with a probability of infection. Besides, the nails, which are too long, may cause the changes in walk and, thus, joint and bone issues. To cope with this task, you need to choose a pair of good nail clippers first; also this tool is called a dog nail grinder. The market of these days offers you two options to choose from: a tool that looks and works like scissors just by squeezing handles together, and the other type is a device which polishes/grinds your pet’s nail, which is placed into a special hole. With one of those best dog nail clippers we’ve selected here, any DIY groomer will trim nails in no time, effortlessly and safely.

Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper by Epica

This tool for dog nail trimming is super affordable, highly valued by customers, and extremely popular. It helps make trimming your dog's nails easier and safer. Made of high-grade stainless steel, the construction of clippers is rust-, scratch-, and bend-resistant while staying sharp and cutting precisely. Engineered in two models for small-medium and medium-large dog sizes, the blade spacing varies in accordance with peculiarities of different breed’s toenails width and length. The top-quality sharp blades designed for a long-lasting, precise, fast and easy cutting without ragged edges even on tough dog nails. You will also appreciate the convenience of this unit as it has ergonomically-shaped rubber-coated handles for secure grip and it is fitted with a safety lock for the safe storage. As a proof of supreme quality, the manufacturer offers an impressive lifetime warranty.

Professional Nail Trimmer 770045 by Safari

This particular model of a dog nail grinder is equally popular and highly rated by shoppers nor just for its bargain price but for a good performance either. This unit is available in two sizes that will suit dogs of small-medium or large breeds. Enjoy the proper pet grooming with this nail trimmer, sharp and durable, made of high-quality stainless steel to last longer. The extremely sharp cutting edges and the spring-loaded reverse mechanism promote an easy, fast, and smooth run. The safety for you and your pet is provided by rubber-coated handles with secure and comfortable grip, the sturdy locking blades mechanism to avoid accidental cutting, and the safety stop mechanism. The last one facilitates avoiding an injury to a pet when a sudden movement happens. Therefore, this is a quite simple, yet efficient and usable tool for pet nail trimming and maintenance.

2-Speed Electric Pet Nail Trimmer with 3 Ports and USB Charging by Bonve Pet

This device, perfect for gentle cutting dog nails and smoothing them, comes at a reasonable price and, therefore, has a great popularity and appreciation among both professional and at-home users. This unit is suitable for all breeds and sizes, as it has three optional ports to choose from. There are also two customizable speeds of rotation for low or fast trimming. The hard emery wheel is just what you need to grind your pet’s nails efficiently yet gently with a less time spent. This product is designed to bring comfort; it features a low-vibration and quiet gear, a durable ABS case, and an ergonomic, non-slip handle. This device is fitted with a convenient in use USB-port for recharging that connects to 800-mA inbuilt Li-ion battery. The versatility, great performance, and sturdy construction of this product make it a good pick even for professional pet groomers.

Dog Nail Clippers with Mini Nail File by Boshel

If you want an affordable and durable tool for quick, stress-free, smooth, and sharp nail cuts, safely select this item. The razor sharp blades are made of a 3.5-mm thick high-quality stainless steel to make powerful and precise cuts for years to come. However, these clippers provide a safe dog nail trimming due to the unique safety stop blade, which essentially reduces the risk of over-cutting nails and painful injury of pet’s quick of the nail. This tool is also outfitted with an additional free mini nail file placed in a handle of the clipper. The design of the clipper is user-friendly and safe, as the unit has sturdy, non-slip handles for easy and comfortable yet secure grip. Thanks to all these benefits and a well-thought-out design, this product has a great customer satisfaction rate and popularity.

Rechargeable Ultra-Quiet Dog Nail Grinder by Emitter

Although this model is a bit more expensive than previously described, it has huge advantages and surely will become very popular in a while. This dog nail grinder is powered by a quiet-running motor, which is important in preventing stress and anxiety when trimming your pet’s nails. This electric trimmer is suitable for all sizes of pet paws and you just need to use one of three ports with different sizes of a hole. On the inside, the nail will be shaped by a detachable grinder head made from silicon carbide, almost as hard and solid as a diamond. These benefits are supplemented by a convenient rechargeable design that allows up to hours power supply with a quick 2-hour charging time via USB port. The lifetime no-risk purchase guarantee (exchange or refund) should nail in the coffin of your doubts concerning this product.


It is understood that when you obtain the very best pet nail clippers, you’ll be more likely to keep nails of your dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, or bird trimmed. Cutting dog nails will allow you to relax and let your pet walk comfortably without any serious damage to your floors and furniture. And finally, here are some tips to improve your dog nail trimming process. Start trimming sessions in a comfortable place and when your dog is calm and relaxed, use treats as a reward. The main rule is cutting less of the nail than you think you can, as the quick of the nail contains a nerve and a blood vessel. Injuring them will give a very painful experience, especially since you can always cut more if needed. Anyway, better ask your veterinarian for an advice on how to clip dog nails if you are a beginner. We tried our best to select the worthy grooming tools. We hope we’ve nailed it!

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