Best Wet Cat Foods

After we adopt a cat, they become the centre of our attention and affection. These feline creatures, though a bundle of joy are fussy and quite messy. They are choosy about their comfort and food. Cats often do not drink water on their own and their diet needs to contain items that have good moisture content. The wet foods are canned and often, the cats find them agreeable to their palate. These wet foods are important to prevent kidney problems as they keep the cats hydrated and reduce the pressure on the kidneys. Some evidences show that these foods play a part in reducing the frequency of urinary tract infections in the cats because they produce more dilute urine. Many believe that dry kibble is more beneficial as it helps in the maintenance of proper hygiene and strength of the cat's teeth and is nutritionally complete.

Wet foods have another advantage in the sense that it can be used to put the cat on a diet. The reason behind this is that most cans of wet cat food contain roughly the same number of calories as a specific quantity of dry food, but the moisture content makes the volume of the food pretty large and often, the cat feels full after a certain point of time. Therefore, the frequency of feeding and amount of food required at meal times decrease significantly. Below is a list of the 5 best wet foods for cats.

1. Nature's Variety Instinct Grain Free Wet Cat Food

This variety of wet food focuses on maximizing the protein without over hydrating the cat. It contains some amounts of fruits and vegetables which provide the necessary amounts of antioxidants. It comes in different varieties such as rabbit, chicken, beef, duck, lamp, venison and so on. Therefore, it is an absolute delight for your cat. This food is all natural and quite easy to digest. It has good taste and nutritional. It improves the coat of the feline and therefore, liked by it. With these features, it is probably the best wet cat food.

2. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food

Wellness has a good reputation in the market and their product is usually rich on the meat side and they also contain the necessary share of antioxidants. This food is heavy on the meat side and is produced in a pate form. This contains chicken meal which is basically chicken cooked after its moisture has been removed considerably. Therefore, protein content of this food is high and nutritionally beneficial for your cat. It contains peas and pea fibres which basically act as fillers and have no significant roles as such. This meal will keep your cat full and therefore, check on its weight gain. Cats often love the taste of this product and so this is a smart buy. You can buy this product at:

3. Holistic Select Natural Canned Grain Free Wet Pate Cat Food

This canned wet food is nutritionally rich and good in terms of digestibility. It contains significant quantities of pumpkin and papayas which provide the necessary fibres which are required for digestion. Cats often love the flavours and the ingredient combinations. However certain components of this food have a risk of causing allergies and so you need to be careful when you give it to your cat for the first time. Apart from this point, the food is a major hit among the feline lovers.

4. ZiwiPeak Canned Cat Food

The ingredients are derived from New Zealand and this cat food is nutritionally complete. Fillers are kept to the minimum as they are suspected of causing allergies in the felines. This food has the speciality of lowering the metabolism rate in the cats and as a result, your cat will feel full and you won't have to feed it repeatedly. The meat used in this formula is antibiotic free and therefore, is a major plus. Some customers have complained of bone fragments in the preparation but that is minor in comparison to the benefits.

5. Solid Gold Meat and Gravy Canned Cat Food

Certain human-grade foods have been incorporated in the formula which promotes the overall health and coat hygiene in particular. Both meat in gravy, and pate versions are available and therefore, this is a good choice. You can check this out at:


When you get these little furry creatures, you always have to invest a significant amount of time and energy for their well being. The above list has been compiled after careful consideration and you need to go through it and have your priorities listed clearly before investing in these products.

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