Top 5 best dog grooming clippers

While humans have hair, dogs have fur which keeps them warm in the cold months. Unfortunately, if the fur gets matted or too long, your dog will be uncomfortable and even in pain. It is a misconception that you can simply use your own clippers on Fido’s fur. You can’t, because they are not designed to work on fur.

If you decide to trim your dog yourself, you should consider investing in a pair of professional dog clippers.

What is the best clipper for dog grooming? Here we’ve reviewed the top 5 best dog grooming clippers for you.

1. Bonve Pet Dog Grooming Clippers

Not only are these clippers quiet, but they are cordless, which means you can use them anywhere you need to. Clipping your dog outside is no longer a problem.

The clippers are rechargeable with stainless steel blades, and a high quality rotating motor to cut through thick fur with ease.

These clippers are lightweight and have a comfortable grip for doing long jobs with no discomfort to the hands.

The blade is detachable and adjustable so suitable for different types of hair. The blade is ceramic which means that it does not heat up, so no change of alarming your dog.

These clippers come with a desktop charging dock, stainless steel scissors and comb. You will find that the batters easily last the full length of your clipping session, which makes these one of the best trimmers for dogs.

2. Wahl Professional Deluxe Clippers

These clippers are perfect for fine to medium types of pet fur, so are ideal for dogs like Labradors, Spaniels, and even cats.

You will find that the clippers are discreet enough to even do the face area without alarming the animals.

The clippers come in a 16-piece set with a standard adjustable blade, and all the tools you will ever need to groom your dog.

You will love the 8-foot cord, and the weight of the clippers, which is just 16 ounces. These clippers are 30% more powerful than other similar models which makes them one of the best professional dog grooming clippers on the market.

3. Ceenwes Dog Clippers

This set of clippers come with a total of 11 tools. Included are an AC Power Adaptor and cleaning brush.

You will find that these are ultra-quiet with low vibration so will not alarm your pet. It is light and cordless so can be used anywhere you please. It will be fully charged in 5 hours and will stay charged in use for 70 minutes.

The clippers come with a 2-year warranty and we think that these rate as one of the best dog grooming clippers available.

4. Cyrico Professional Dog Clippers

These heavy-duty clippers are suitable for all types of pet fur and can even be used for horses. The clippers come is two speeds with 5500/6500 rotation speeds. The set comes with a stainless-steel comb and two pairs of scissors to complete the job.

The clippers can either be used as corded or cordless, which means that you can groom your pet anywhere you choose.

You will like the sturdy, professional feel to these clippers, as well as the handy carry case they come in.

What will impress is the long usage time – 300 minutes with a full charge in just 3 hours. This, along with the robust feel gets these one of the best dog clipper reviews.

5. Bestdream Rechargeable Pet Clippers

This rechargeable set of clippers is low-vibration and ultra-quiet so perfect for anxious pets. They are cordless, with a powerful motor to deal with all types of fur.

The long shaving time, along with the unique blade angle make these one of the best professional dog grooming clippers on the market.


Dogs are man’s best friends and deserve to look as good as their masters! This will make them feel good and keep them pest free and comfortable in every season of the year. Our selection of best pet grooming clippers will make sure that your pooch stays in tip-top condition all the time.

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