Top 5 Vacuums for Dog Hair

Are you still using a broom and dustpan to clean up your dog’s mess? Or worse yet, maybe you’ve got an old vacuum in your closet that you lugg out every once in a while but isn’t designed for pet hair, so it gets clogged constantly? Well, it’s time to upgrade to a high-powered vacuum that is designed to pick up those hairy knots your dog leaves everywhere. A high function vacuum can cut your total cleaning time in half. Ranging from the ultra convenient to the ultra light, we’ve scoured the market and found five of the best vacuums for your particular dog’s hair.

1. Bissell 9595A Cleanview Bagless Vacuum

Here’s what makes the Bissell 9595A our top choice, it just works, completely and near instantly. This vacuum comes with Bissell’s patented “One-Pass Cleaning,” meaning that for most surfaces, all it will take is one roll over to make your carpet or hardwood look good as new. This model also comes with a handy turbobrush tool, a mini handheld accessory for cleaning up furniture and stairs. Bissell even put thought into the clean up. Instead of replacing gross paper filters constantly, there is a foam filter that is easy to wash. And, a customer favorite feature, cleaning out the dustbin amounts to a mere press of the button. With easy clean up and easy pick up, you’ll love this vacuum.

2. PureClean Robot Vacuum Cleaner

You’re probably looking for a vacuum that is high-powered, able to pick up just about everything in sight. But you don’t want to have to carry a monster-sized vacuum everytime there is a small mess to be cleaned. PureClean has the perfect solution to you with their robotic, self activating vac. The PureClean Robot vacuum works in 90 minute cleaning sessions, that you can pre-schedule to happen when you’re away from home. It is allergy and pet friendly with its certified HEPA filter as well. Your robo friend will even find and place itself into its charging dock once its finished cleaning. You’ll feel like you’re living in a futuristic household with PureClean.

3. Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel

This vacuum made by Eureka has a capture nozzle which will help you pick up larger debris. In contrast, other swivel vacuums will only shove these larger pieces across the room without actually cleaning them up. The Eureka Blaze is a breeze to assemble and get running, and despite its easy to store, small size, this vacuum motor is powerful and will pack a punch. Best of all, because the Eureka Blaze is so light, customers have found it useful for cleaning up the side of their walls, behind those hard to reach shelves, and even lower ceilings. If you live in a home that is mostly hard floors (which the Blaze tends to work better on), then seriously consider this vacuum.

4. Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

The Shark Rotator will provide you with the high-end experience your beautiful pets deserve. Like the PureClean robot, this vacuum comes with the anti-allergy filter technology, which keep dust out of the air and your lungs. The maneuvering on this vacuum is intuitive and easy on the wrists, and the lift-away feature lets you detach the top part of the vacuum to reach up towards the top of fans or armoires. The front of the vacuum have LED headlights to make clean up even easier. Now, there are two versions of this vacuum, the navigator and the rotator. Customers tend to prefer the rotator as it is more versatile.

5. BLACK+DECKER HLVA325JP07 Lithium Pet Hand Vacuum

If the options above were a bit too much for your small home or small dog, this Black+Decker hand vacuum may get the job done for you. This vacuum is best for small to medium sized pickups around the kitchen and living room. It comes with a crevice tool, a wall stand, and a suction power that is unmatched for a vacuum this size. And if you are on the lookout for a particular a hand vacuum, but are concerned about it running out of charge, we recommend getting the HLVA325BS21 which comes with a longer lasting battery and a fast charging base. They come in red, deep blue, purple, and white colors.


A good rule of thumb for deciding which of the five vacuums above you want to pick from is that the more dog hair you need to deal with, the higher up the list you should choose. The best way to enjoy your life with your pet is to make the chores aspect of living with your dog not feel like work. A good dog vacuum cleaner can be the difference between loving every minute of time with your pup, and having to make the trips to the cleaning closet multiple times a week for yet another backbreaking clean up session. So whether its with the Black+Decker hand vacuum or the Eureka swiveler, reach for the doggy ceiling today!

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